Rip detection steel cord belts
    Product specifications and description
    The theory of rip detection system is electromagnetism principle, using the leak of magnetic and via lots of test to empolder success. The life of loop is long, and it can protect the landscape orientation of belt. Automatically signals conveyor control system to stop so damaged is reduced.
    Market: Aggregate, Cement, Coal, Hard Rock, Power Generation, Steel Production.
    Application: Mainlines, Overland Belts, Pit Belts, Ship Loaders, Slope Belts, Any high abuse application.
    Tensile strength: 500~10000N/mm Width: 500~3200mm
    Features & Benefits:
    1、advanced loop technology
    Shandong Aneng’s loop technology as the most proven and reliable rip diction system in the world. It will quickly alert operation when a loop is damaged, and could improve accuracy of loop detection, reduce lost production.
    2、longest server life
    Special rubber compound encases the loops to ensure superior adhesion, new durable loop with very profile enables the belt to glide easily through conveyor, to achieve the aim prolong the life.
    3、Ethernet connectivity
     All the rip detection system could be Ethernet connectivity, monitor your belt whenever, and from wherever.
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