Anti-tearing steel cord belts
    Product specifications and description
    Input one or two anti-tearing net between the top cover and carcass (or between the bottom cover and the carcass) to prevent impurity enter into or avoid the belt tearing. The anti-tearing net could be use steel breaker,  the tear strength achieve125~800N/mm. and also could be use fabric breaker, the tear strength achieve 50~80N/mm.
    Market: Aggregate, Cement, Coal, Hard Rock, Power Generation, Steel Production.
    Application: Mainlines, Overland Belts, Pit Belts, Ship Loaders, Slope Belts. Any high abuse application.
    Tensile strength: 500~10000N/mm Width: 500~3200mm
    Features & Benefits:
    1、Zinc galvanized open type steel cord
    Shandong aneng selects open type steel cord, between the steel cords and core rubber tight adhesion. Zinc galvanized on the surface of steel cord will improve the combinative with rubber, Extend the life of the belting.
    2、High anti-tearing framework
    Shandong aneng could choose steel breaker or fabric breaker according to the customer’s request. The belt offer superior trough ability and won’t run to one side or spill material, even in high abuse application.
    3、Superior rubber
    The cover is high tension, proper elongation at break, anti-aging, good abrasion resistance, high tear strength, and safe to use. The good adhesion between cover and carcass provide good impact resistant and anti-tearing.
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