Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Madagascar Hissing CockroachMadagascar Hissing CockroachMadagascar Hissing Cockroach

The Hissing Cockroaches FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions about the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

  • What does the Hissing Cockroach eat?

    Hissing Cockroaches are herbivores. They primarily eat fruit, usually the ones that has fallen onto the ground.

  • How does the Hissing Cockroach defend itself?

    Despite its small head, Hissing Cockroach has a large thorax which looks much like famous predators' head such as snake or big lizard. Camouflaging in dirty soil, its thorax might favorably scares other predators once it appears to them.
  • How many legs does it have?

    Hissing Cockroach has three pairs of legs attached to their thorax. Its large body size enables us to examine main parts of the insects which are: head, thorax, abdomen, antennae, legs, and respiratory holes called spiracles.
  • Aren't cockroaches infested with disease?

    Actually, out of the 3500 unique cockroach species, there are only a small number which transmit disease to human population. Those "bad" cockroaches usually live as scavenger/decomposer eating out dirty materials such as feces. Unfortunately, most of the time they accidentally bring the remains of those dirty materials on their body, scatter it out everywhere they go including our diner table and kitchen, causing unhealthy bacteria to get into our body!

    Unlike those bad cockroaches, hissing cockroaches only eat plants or fruits. Therefore, we should not worry at all on them.
  • How old are the Hissing Cockroaches? How old can they get?

    Most of them live as full-size cockroaches for 2-5 years long. The young ones undergo the shedding process once a month for six months in row. For the elders, sometimes they miss legs or antennae.
  • The cockroach has babies!?

    Despite their status as the member of insects family, they surprisingly are considered as ovoviviparous – a biological term for animals which give birth to their small ones while also carry them in form of eggs before. The pregnancy lasts for about 60 days before finally the female give birth to 30 - 60 baby cockroaches.
  • How can I tell the difference between the males and females?

    The easiest ways to distinct the males from the females is by looking at their horn's size. The males have larger horns than the females have which they use to fight other males as well as a tool for "hissing contest" among the males.
  • How do they hiss? Why do they hiss?

    They produce sounds by exhaling air through their spiracles. They use that hissing skill as means of communication which includes warning others of a potential danger, attracting mates on mating season, scaring predators, and showing off dominance for the alpha-male.
  • Is this the same as the cockroach I saw in (Hawai'i, Texas, Florida)?

    Hissing cockroaches are the endemic species of the island of Madagascar, you cannot find them living naturally in any other areas in this world.